Joy of Urdu is a bilingual organization that aims to facilitate and enable the ongoing revitalization of the Urdu language, in order to reclaim our literary heritage. We are Pakistan-based, with worldwide chapters.


About the Logo
Designed by by architect Taimoor Khan Mumtaz, the Joy of Urdu logo is inspired by traditional seal designs. The layout features an underlying matrix of geometric proportioning based on rotating squares: a method used by medieval period architects.

Master calligrapher, Ahmed Ali Bhutta of Lahore, did the calligraphy for the word “Urdu”, facilitated by Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts, Lahore. The script used is Lahori Nastaliq the national script of Pakistan, developed by Ustad Abdul Majeed Parveen Raqam (1901-1946) in the early 1940s in Lahore.

The name “Joy of Urdu” is in English, depicting the project’s bilingual role: the word “Urdu” is calligraphed in Nastaliq around the Nuqta, the dot that gives a letter it’s sound depending on its placement above, below, or within the symbol. In calligraphy, the nuqta equals the width of the reed pen and is the basic module for proportioning letters in Nastaliq and other Persian-Arabic scripts. This particular nuqta has been taken from an original manuscript by Ustad Raqam.

This central symbol of the Nuqta as a geometric point, is the centre of the circle, which contains all geometric forms. It is the dot beneath the first letter – the ‘bey’ of ‘Bismillah’ i.e. ‘In the name of Allah’ – with which the Quran begins- and which is said to contain the whole of the Quran.

The joyful, child-like quality of the repetitive pattern of the word “Urdu” around the Nuqta becomes a symbol of a flower, a child’s pinwheel, or fireworks bringing a burst of joy and light.


Board of Directors
Zarminae Ansari
Hassan Taimoor Khan Mumtaz
Vice President
Dr. Ali Sajid Imami
General Secretary
Dr. Kazim Mumtaz Saeed
Finance Secretary
Dr. Arfa Sayeda Zehra
Qasim Jafri
Attiya Mahmood


Collaborators/ Institutions

We are uploading logos as and when MOU’s are signed and permissions granted