Some Interviews / reviews of  the film, “After Sabeen”
I was surprised she wasn't a bigger sensation

In early 2015, Pakistani activist Sabeen Mahmud organised an event on missing Balochi activists in her cafe. Later that day, she was killed by two men on the streets of Karachi…

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At a loss

Framed inside a laptop screen, we see Sabeen Mahmud being interviewed. She is defiant and cheerful, “I’m not afraid” she says. That’s the only time we see her in the entire length of After Sabeen , the way director Schokofeh Kamiz…

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After Sabeen remembers Karachi's beloved activist, who supported the arts and paid a price for freedom

On one night in the April of 2015, Sabeen Mahmud locked the doors of The Second Floor (T2F), a café in Karachi, Pakistan and got into her Suzuki Swift to head home…

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Articles about Sabeen in the international media
Silenced - the day my daughter was shot in front of me

Sabeen Mahmud was a passionate supporter of free speech. She ran a space in a Karachi cafe for people to talk freely about politics, society and human rights – but six weeks ago, in the latest of a string of attacks on liberal activists in Pakistan…

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Let’s At Least Live Today

By Zarminae Ansari

Activism has to be about action,” Sabeen Mahmud said in an interview. “The democratization of technology also provides a platform for the super-efficient perpetuation of mediocrity.”…

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Life and Death of Sabeen Mahimud

by Lois Parshley

Last Friday evening in Karachi, Sabeen Mahmud, a forty-year-old Pakistani activist with close-cropped hair, a loud belly laugh, and an interest in human rights, held court at the café she owned…

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Karachi's Wild Child

NOBODY, of course, had anything to do with it, when Sabeen Mahmud’s car was stopped by two men on a motorbike who shot her at point-blank range through the windows.

Sabeen Mahmud: As Wide As Love

by Uzma Aslam Khan

I first spoke to Sabeen in December 2007, after a friend put us in touch. The friend told me about T2F, a café and public space in Karachi created by Sabeen to nurture and promote cultural dialogue. The friend suggested it as a place to launch my upcoming book, The Geometry of God…

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Remembering Sabeen: 'She received a bullet attached to a letter' – and kept going

by Osama Motiwala

Originally meant to feature Sheheryar Fazli in conversation with Mohammad Hanif, the session at the Islamabad Literature Festival was changed to pay a tribute to The Second Floor (T2F) Director Sabeen Mahmud who was shot dead a day earlier in Karachi…

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Murder of Activist Adds to Backlash Against Pakistan Authorities

by Saeed Shah

KARACHI, Pakistan—The murder of a prominent Pakistani human-rights activist sparked a public outpouring of grief Saturday, as hundreds of mourners turned out in Karachi to lament a campaign of intimidation against dissenting voices in Pakistan…

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'Bravest woman,' free speech activist Sabeen Mahmud killed in Pakistan

By Sophia Saifi and Ben Brumfield

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)Her second floor cafe on a dusty industrial road was painted with dashes of psychedelic colors. And Sabeen Mahmud surrounded herself there with books, people, and discussions on technology, human rights and women’s entrepreneurship…

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Gunmen Kill Arts Advocate in Pakistan After Human Rights Event

By Saba Imtiaz

KARACHI, Pakistan — Gunmen killed the director of a popular arts center in Pakistan’s largest city on Friday, shortly after she had hosted a contentious event on human rights abuses in western Baluchistan Province…

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#UnsilencingPakistan: A tribute to Sabeen Mahmud

Tonight, please don’t forget to laugh and dream out loud, that would be the best tribute you could pay to Sabeen”, said Mahenaz Mahmud via video at Unsilencing Pakistan, an event co-hosted by Index on Censorship at London’s Conway Hall on Thursday 23 July…

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Human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud shot dead in Karachi

By Fred De Sam Lazaro

Pakistan’s largest city has a well-earned reputation for terrorism and violence, but until the day it claimed her own life, Sabeen Mahmud was determined to show that there’s much more to Karachi. During a visit last month…

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How Sabeen Mahmud's T2F survived its darkest hour

By Saba Imtiaz

It’s an ordinary Tuesday evening in April at T2F: by 6pm a large screen has been erected in the corner of the gallery for a documentary presentation. Rows of chairs surround the screen awaiting guests…

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Why Sabeen Mahmud Will Always Matter

By Afia Salam

Karachi: How does one encapsulate and contexualize Sabeen Mahmud – who she was, what she did, what she stood for and what she meant to different people whose lives she touched? One has to deliberately shun clichés like “multi-talented” and “multi-faceted” – because that would box her in…

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T2F: A pursuit of the

By Dr Meher Zaidi

I first saw Sabeen Mahmud in 2000 at the TIE-Indus seminar, their first in Pakistan at the Sheraton, Karachi. She was bubbling with enthusiasm. Dressed in trousers with short cropped hair and holding a folder in her arms she had struck me as the “yuppie” breed, a fashionable term used to define young people who were entering the work force…

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