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Conversation with Zarminae Ansari on the ‘Joy of Urdu’ project by Maham Javaid

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Joy Of Urdu: Revitalizing the Essence of Pakistan’s National Language Worldwide!

We are living in a time when the future of Urdu in South Asia seem uncertain and Pakistan’s younger generation appears to have distanced themselves from their mother-tongue. However, the ground-breaking organization “Joy of Urdu” is no less than a ray of hope for our national language and its enthusiasts.

For the love of Urdu... in Dubai

The heterogeneous culture of Dubai has broadened the scope of Urdu as a popular medium of speech

Khaleej Times
N.M. Rashid’s universal poem on life, light, and fear

Joy of Urdu Boston launch at the Frank Stella Room, MIT

Aman Ki Asha
Urdu Revival: Bringing Back the Joy

There is an urgent need for Urdu revival. Urdu dramas may remain extremely popular at home and abroad, but there has been a sharp decline in Urdu readership, at least of quality works. The sad fact is that a swathe of Pakistan’s educated elite who have graduated from English medium schools are becoming increasingly alienated from their native language. And that’s where Joy of Urdu steps in!

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Zarminae Ansari — Joy of Urdu

Joy of Urdu is a bilingual organization that aims to facilitate and enable the revitalisation of the Urdu language. It is a Pakistan based non profit organization that has 13 chapters across the world and counting!

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