Joy of Urdu is a volunteer-run, BILINGUAL, organization for the promotion of the Urdu language with world-wide chapters. . Use the forms linked below and in our Insta Bio to: – Volunteer for Joy of Urdu – Join one of our international chapters – Receive information about events – Request a chapter in your area . Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Link above and in Insta Bio . …… Continue the discussion on our new Facebook Group: …….. Please visit and subscribe to the Joy of Urdu YouTube Channel ( to see this and other videos. Do click on the bell icon to make sure you are notified when we upload new videos & lectures! …….. Poster Design: Rabila Kidwai Design volunteer: Abdullah Bin Zubair . #joyofurdu #joyofurduverseoftheday #verseoftheday

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