Today is Zaheer Kashmiri’s Birth Anniversary. . BRIEF BIOGRAPHY by Tasneem Anjum: . Though he was a great poet, writer, journalist, film writer and even a film director, his core area was to bring a change in the field of literature and struggle for the rights of the working classes. He fought against the injustices and inequalities due to the class system. Being a true believer of the ‘art for life’ movement he used his pen for the restoration of human rights and the rights of the oppressed and suppressed both as a journalist and poet. He was associated with the Progressive Writers’ Movement and impressed many a literato through his writings. His contributions towards social injustice were acknowledged posthumously via a National Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in August 1995. .. NOTE: Please subscribe to the Joy of Urdu YouTube Channel to see the videos of this event and other videos. Do click on the bell icon to make sure you are notified when we upload it! . To join one of our international chapters, and receive information about events, or to volunteer for Joy of Urdu, please register by filling the forms linked in bio. . Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Link in Bio . Poster Design: Rabila Kidwai Volunteer: Abdullah Bin Zubair #urdu #joyofurdu #verseoftheday #zaheerkashmiri

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